Our Man in Havana

National Tour, April – July 2017
Buxton Opera House, Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Blackpool Grand Theatre, Devonshire Park Theatre, New Wolsey Theatre, Theatre Royal York, Theatre Royal Windsor, Greenwich Theatre, Theatre Royal Winchester, Lichfield Garrick, Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds, Northcott Theatre, Malvern Theatre

Company: Creative Cow

Set and Costume Designer: Nina Raines
Scenic Artist: Nina Raines
Director: Amanda Knott
Lighting designer: Derek Anderson
Production photos: David John King

Our Man in Havana Palms

‘Cuba 1958. Meet Jim Wormold – a hapless vacuum cleaner salesman who gets sucked in to a dirty world of espionage and double agents when the chance of helping out MI6 with a job or two proves too good an offer to resist. And, quite frankly, he could do with the cash to pay for his teenage daughter’s ever increasing lifestyle.

Thrillingly adapted for the stage by Clive Francis, this uproarious farce is filleted to perfection from Graham Greene’s hilarious, subversive and ever popular novel.’

“Nina Raines’s simple yet evocative design is an effective backdrop” – David Upton, British Theatre Guide

“This fluid, mobile approach to the story is well supported by stage design from Nina Raines and lighting design from Derek Anderson.  Both are highly effective at adapting to the rapid changes of scene, capturing numerous locations with clever changes to the stage space.  Their design is simple, evoking the warmth, sun and humid streets of Old Havana through a few key elements and an attention to texture and space.” – Becca Savory Fuller, Reviewshub

“Nina Raines also deserves some praise for her setting with three arches at the rear with palm trees and then a desk and chairs that can be moved, rotated, added or taken away to represent everything else.” – Roger Clarke, Behind the Arras

“…The attention to detail is impeccable with a plethora of props and some excellent drawings of (what may possibly be but there is no proof) weapons of mass destruction. Or the inner workings of a vacuum cleaner. Who knows?” – Michaela Clement- Hayes, West End Wilma

Photos below by David John King

Paint process:

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