In 2013-14 I worked with New Model Theatre to design and produce a set for ‘STATIC’ which then toured several UK venues.

Written and directed by Tom Nicholas, Static combines brilliant storytelling with verbatim news reports to tell a coming of age story that spans a decade. From watching the World Trade Centre fall live on TV to the top of Tory HQ, through drunken teenage parties and walking home with bloody noses.

This is the story of how a generation grew up with the world at their fingertips, how they learnt to switch off their screens, and got up on their feet.

Miriam Gillinson, arts journalist:
” This is a thoughtfully constructed show and the design, in particular, creates a really useful loop back to the play’s central themes. The use of those two hanging frames – on which news feeds, memories and re-enacted scenarios are frequently projected – is highly effective. Top marks to videographer Jon Broks and designer Nina Raines who have come up with this probing concept. The hanging frames recall an art gallery and remind us that TV is today’s premiere medium for creative expression. It is where today’s young adults hope to see their lives and concerns reflected. It is where they look for inspiration and self-affirmation. “


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